Unipole & Hoardings

What are Unipoles / Hoardings?
Unioples and Hoardings are big size display boards which you often see on the roadside. Unipoles provide ad spaces to advertisers to showcase their products and services and are usually owned by Private players, Government Municipal bodies, various corporates etc.

How do we know whether a particular Hoarding is available in Delhi for the tenure I am
TheBrandistan.com will share campaign start and end date images. We also offer paid monitoring service in case client need continuous monitoring of the Outdoor .

What is the minimum period for which a Unipoles and Hoardings can be booked?
Usually average size Unipoles are booked for a normal period of one month however there are hoarding sites which are located on very premium locations and come up with a very huge amount for advertising, are also available to be booked for single one day, weekly etc.

What is different between Lit and Non-Lit Hoardings or unipoles in Delhi ?
Lit hoardings are the ones which are illuminated by electricity during late evening and night hours so that they are visible to people who you see them during night as well. Non-Lit unipoles on the other hand are the ones which have good visibility only during the day, but don’t provide much impact during the night it in absence of electricity.

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